About Us

VIP Company History

Founded in 1985 by Dipak Kapadia, Snowhite Textiles supplied fresh white linens and towels to hotels and motels in the Chicago area. Through the years the company offered more and more supply items and some hotel furniture so the company changed its name to Snowhite Textiles and Furnishings. Mr. Kapadia retired in 2017 and transitioned leadership of the company to a new generation of hospitality industry leaders.

The company then completed the acquisition of Vertically Integrated Projects FF&E and changed their name to focus on providing best in client class experience and turnkey solutions. Today Vertically Integrated Projects is an industry leader in FF&E interior design, procurement, and project management.



A mission defines the purpose of a company. There is no doubt that our single minded purpose is to help our customers achieve their objectives, whatever they may be. That could be a great design, a low cost solution, solving difficult logistical challenges or all three. Our success is inextricably tied to the outcomes we deliver for our customers.


A vision is essentially a roadmap for where you are going. We have a very clear vision for our future and it revolves around the concept of continuous improvement. We believe that the only way we can deliver industry leading solutions for our customers is by continuously investing in people, technology, knowledge, and process improvement.


We are proud to be a values driven company. Our values become expectations and guidelines for all of our team members. So what do we value at VIP? A sense of urgency to get things done for our customers. Skilled problems solving to determine the best outcome. A collaborative approach that emphasizes teamwork. Also information sharing and initiative, innovation, and trust.

Our Team

To say we are proud of our team doesn’t do justice to how we feel about the people at Vertically Integrated Projects. Many of our team members have worked here for many years. As we’ve grown, new team members have joined us and have added new ideas and capabilities, diversity of thought, and just plain old more horsepower under the hood. We laugh a lot and we challenge each other but one thing is for sure, we are a team.

Our Showroom

Located just west of Chicago’s O’hare airport, our showroom is like a mini hotel. With 6 different vignettes and a public area, you will get to really connect with different hotel designs. Come explore all the possibilities with our design staff and work side by side with a designer in our design center to make your dream hotel a reality.

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