Best Western Plus

Flint, MI
Conversion/69 Rooms


Upon receiving the project VIP knew that this was the owner’s first Best Western, so our expert senior designer specializing in the brand was assigned to the project. She knew the customer from previous projects she had worked on and there was always an open line of communication between all parties, even with daily calls during installation time where the designer was able to quickly answer questions for the new Best Western owner..

Project Challenges

We faced 3 distinct challenges while working on this project and we had to come up with creative solutions to overcome them. In the end, the results surpassed everyone’s expectations.
- Deviations From Prototype
Our customer had wanted to remove certain items in the guest rooms, as a cost savings, however Best Western was adamant about their design standards and requirements in the guest rooms. With this information the designer and owner finalized the floor plans and Best Western approved them knowing that all of the major design elements were included in the rooms per their standards.
- Budget
Selecting lighting for the space was challenging, as the ceiling height in the lobby and breakfast area was twenty feet high. On top of that, the customer had a very strict budget that the designer had to follow in making design selections. All in all, she was able to come up with an overall economical, customized design scheme that both the owner and Best Western approved of.
- Production
The window treatments were made as mock Roman valances, when they should have been made as Roman shades, which would open and close. Upon noticing this, VIP was able to resolve the issue with the window treatment fabricator. The issue was resolved in a timely fashion for the owner to be able to continue with installation and complete the renovation on time.

Project Approach

At first the VIP designer researched the hotel across the street, which was the customer’s biggest competition, so she would know how to prepare a design that would compete with and beat out the other hotel. She then conducted a preliminary property visit before the renovation work began to assess the current building and get a better feel for the overall space. The owner was also able to come to VIP’s design library to review the custom renderings that were made to sell the owner on the design even more than he already was.

Design Inspiration

Throughout the property the designer tried to tie in nearby Lake Michigan, which shows in the hotel’s artwork images and the wave-like carpet pattern that was selected for the lobby area. The owner also wanted a more high-end, luxurious, modern feel with all of the selections. The designer had a custom, upholstered bench made, which also has a wood table on top for a writing surface.

Project Summary

After receiving all deliveries the client called the designer to say “thank you” and said that he would be happy to provide a testimonial for the company, as he was very pleased with his experience of working with the VIP team. Now the overall guest room costs are up at the property and our hotelier is overjoyed with the outcome of his investment.