Clarion Inn

Sevierville, TN
Renovation/88 Rooms


Our long-time customer, a skilled craftsman himself, had requested that VIP provide him with a customized design that would be boutique inspired. With this information the project was awarded to our designer on staff who is very experienced in the industry and has more boutique-inspired design experience and taste.

Project Challenges

We faced 2 distinct challenges while working on this project and we had to come up with creative solutions to overcome them. In the end, the results surpassed everyone’s expectations.
- Millwork-heavy
Customization was key with this project, and the designer knew it, so she added special mill work touches throughout the property. Weather it was a branch themed panel above the fireplace in the lobby, or even a mill work detail including back-lit LED lights behind the main lobby acrylic artwork, each interior element was taken into consideration. The designer also selected finishes for the guest room fireplaces that sat centrally in some of the rooms. She developed an overall design aesthetic at the hotel to complement the existing building as well as the more traditional design style the hotel already had, while still trying to update and modernize the interior as a whole.
- Deviations From Prototype
IHG requires a certain look and feel of the main public spaces in their hotels. Where the customer may have wanted more of a formal feel, the designers at IHG required more of a warm and welcoming environment. With this information, the designer was able to implement more textural fabrics in warmer tones, and other various materials in warmer tones to make the space more inviting. The client also did not want to go with the H4 concept in the lobby which utilizes a modular seating grouping. Our expert designer developed a pleasing furniture plan layout with a mix of sofas and lounges that still kept the functionality aspect, which both IHG and the owner approved of.

Project Approach

At the conception of this project the owner flew out to the VIP design showroom to work with our expert designers on all of the material selections. For the guest room design the client decided to keep with the IHG pre-approved amber scheme. The designer was then able to customize a public area to compliment the owner’s design choice.

Design Inspiration

Our client was driven by the yellow color in the amber scheme and wanted to utilize it in the public areas as well. The designer came to the realization that a pop of turquoise in the artwork and seating would really modernize the color palette overall. The client was able to make material selections at the VIP showroom based on the textures, patterns, and colors he liked. The designer was able to work with him to make suggestions which kept the design warm, modern, and inviting.

Project Summary

Throughout the design and procurement process the client always knew he could call or email VIP for any questions or concerns. The designer and project manager both were able to keep on top of each stage of the process because of the open communication between the VIP team and ownership. Overall this made for the projects success, as well as the fact that the client was willing to keep the VIP team involved in the installation process with construction pictures.