Home2 Suites

Beloit, WI
New Construction/102 Rooms


VIP worked closely with Lance Schaefer, President from Everest Hospitality, on the design for the Wisconsin property. Lance and the hotel owners traveled to VIP's design showroom in Chicago to sit down and collaborate on all design decisions and customization's we wanted to pursue. It was VIP's responsibility to take that vision and bring it to life.

Project Challenges

As with any new construction or renovation project; there is always set backs or hiccups a long the way. With this project specifically, we ran into two issues that stuck out. We like to think of these situations as an opportunity to use our resources and expertise to be a star problem solver.
- Installer Issue
The wallcovering in the guest bathroom had been installed incorrectly. The pattern was not matching up. After gathering loads of information from installers and obtaining install images; we were able to reach out to the manufacturer to put together more detailed installation instructions and walk the installers through the best practice to make this a seamless outcome. Many phone calls, face time sessions, and emails later; this was a success!
- Vendor/Product Issue
Shortage of product was another distinct road block we faced during this project. We were running short on time and the opening date was just around the corner when we received an email from our tile rep that our tile was back ordered. VIP immediately put our problem solving hats on. The designer and logistics coordinator worked together to reach out to alternate vendors to try and source this product. After multiple failed attempts, we were able to work with the original manufacturer on a split shipping schedule that worked perfectly with all parties involved.

Design Inspiration

Hilton has two pre-approved design schemes for the Home2 brand. The owners of this property liked the look of them, but wanted to put their own twist on it. This is where the collaboration of the design team at VIP came in. We worked to keep the casual, colorful, and eclectic feel by mixing and matching certain elements of each scheme and making it our own. We threw in a few extra fun pieces for additional customization and finishing touches.

Project Summary

In conclusion, our goal for this project was to meet the visual expectations of our owners while staying true to the requirements set forth by the brand. Looking back, this project has been a true depiction of why we love what we do here at VIP. Challenges and all; our team was able to work together to successfully take this project from conceptualization, to development, to installation. We love seeing happy faces when we cross that finish line.