La Quinta Inn & Suites

Baltimore, MA
Adapative Reuse/42 Rooms


This was a new working relationship for the VIP team, and although the time frame stretched out to three years, from starting the design work to the final opened hotel, both ownership and VIP really believe that this hotel was a product of dreams.

Project Challenges

We faced 3 distinct challenges while working on this project and we had to come up with creative solutions to overcome them. In the end, the results surpassed everyone’s expectations.
- Tight Space
During the planning stage, the VIP designer realized that the overall space of this small-footprint, eight story downtown property was going to be a challenge. In the end, she was able to develop a layout in the public area that allowed for proper clearances, and in addition remained functional.
- Existing Conditions
Due to the existing site conditions and the fact that this building was older, the ceilings were not completely level anymore. The valances over the window treatments in the guest rooms had been installed crooked, and as a result shims needed to be added at the ceiling line to level them out. In the end, a symmetrical look was achieved and the issue was solved
- Quality Issues
La Quinta requires a large-scale graphic wall mural with a regional theme to be installed at the front desk of all of their properties. At this particular one, the imagery was not high quality enough in the actual sample of the wallcovering that VIP received. In this case we were able to work the situation out with the cendor and the image quality was enhanced.

Project Approach

VIP was able to keep a record of the ongoing process of this hotel. In the initial stages of the design process VIP's design team visited the property to conduct a site survey and get a better feel for the space they were working with. Then they came out to the property again for a pre-construction meeting with La Quinta’s team, ownership, and the contractors. Finally, VIP was able to go to the hotel and see the completed, installed design.

Design Inspiration

The owner wanted a boutique style design utilizing mid-century modern furniture and natural materials like wood and brick. Our VIP design team was able to make selections that both the owner and La Quinta approved of.

Project Summary

Since VIP’s first experience working with this customer went off without a hitch, he has since come back with more projects. His confidence in VIP is quite high, as this was such a challenging project, and the design team hit it out of the park.