La Quinta Inn & Suites

The Colony, TX
New Build/81 Rooms


VIP previously worked with this owner on a few other small lobby renovations, however this was a new construction project he was entrusting VIP with. The owner knew that VIP was a pre-approved La Quinta designer and that the company has worked with hundreds of La Quinta’s throughout the years. Their very experienced designers have worked on a gamut of La Quinta jobs for the past five or more years.

Project Challenges

We faced 2 distinct challenges while working on this project and we had to come up with creative solutions to overcome them. In the end, the results surpassed everyone’s expectations.
- Approvals For Custom Types
Our customer wanted a custom design completed for the long feature wall in the great room at his new hotel. The very experienced La Quinta designer was able to use 3-form wall panels that added dimension to the wall, which the customer loved. This design element had not been previously approved for use in the living modern scheme and so our designer worked closely with La Quinta to make sure the correct item was specified and ordered based on their discussions.
- Installer Issue
Both the carpet and wallcovering installers made mistakes when it was down to the wire. In this case, the wallcovering was installed where the pattern was not matched appropriately, and the corridor carpet outfills were also installed where the pattern was not matching. For the wallcovering, VIP made a re-selection to one that had less of a pattern, and the corridor outfills were re-selected to be a sold grey color to make it to where there will be no pattern matching necessary in the future.

Project Approach

La Quinta requires pre-construction meetings for their properties, where the VIP designers are able to meet the La Quinta team involved on the project, as well as the hotel ownership, general managers, and any contractors or the architect involved on the job. This collaborative meeting allows all parties to review the working set of drawings from VIP and allows for everyone to review the existing site conditions.

Design Inspiration

Our owner had originally selected the very sleek, clean, sophisticated, and functional living modern 2.0 scheme. The VIP design team was also able to add customization's to the standard design to help elevate his hotel beyond the minimum guidelines set forth by the brand.

Project Summary

At the end of the job the VIP team leaders were able to go to the property to speak with the owner about his experience and to review the outcome. Overall, the customer felt that the custom design VIP developed for him was expertly executed, and he was pleased with his experience with the company as a whole.