Radission Hotel

Denver, CO
Conversion/223 Rooms


VIP’s long-time customer had originally come to them with the challenge of converting his existing Ramada hotel to a Radisson, which meant completely re-branding. All in all, VIP’s designer was more than capable of completing this task, as she had designed multiple other Radisson’s and was approved by Carlson.

Project Challenges

We faced 2 distinct challenges while working on this project and we had to come up with creative solutions to overcome them. In the end, the results surpassed everyone’s expectations.
- Incorporating Existing FF&E
Before the client decided to re-brand, he had been in the process of renovating his hotel, and wanted to keep his new purchases in the Radisson design. VIP’s expert designers were able to develop a creative and modern design building off of the existing color palette of the items the client was keeping.
- Value Engineering
Timing on the project was running smoothly, however there were items that needed to be re-selected as the price point did not fit within the customer’s budget. VIP’s expert sourcing team was able to find similar items within the client’s price point.

Project Approach

VIP’s sales and design team both visited the property regularly throughout the process of the hotel’s conversion to a Radisson, as Carlson has strict requirements for multiple property visits. The designer ended up at the property once a month to keep up with any design revisions and to help the owner in any way possible.

Design Inspiration

The Radisson in central Denver, Colorado is located very close to the National Western Complex where the annual National Western Stock Show and other various conventions are held. The proximity to this building makes up for a lot of the occupancy at the hotel, however the hotel’s guests are also business travelers. In taking note of this aspect, the VIP design team needed to develop an overall design aesthetic that would be pleasing to both a cowboy that loves rodeos and a business traveler that loves more modern luxuries. With rustic/reclaimed woods and metal mesh curtains around the lobby seating groupings, the designer was able to seamlessly create a design that was pleasing to both demographics.

Project Summary

After the hotel’s conversion from Ramada to Radisson, the owner was so happy with the work that the VIP team had done, so much so that he awarded VIP with additional projects.